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As a Shelby Brand Licensee, you are a member of a select group responsible for continuing the rich heritage of the Shelby brand and its associated logos, trademarks and visual identity elements. We are confident that you will ensure that the Shelby legacy, and all that it represents, is properly represented whenever and wherever the Shelby Brand is seen.

The Shelby Brand has stood for quality and performance for over four decades. The brand, and the man who created it, have also become a part of our cultural heritage. They both represent values and qualities that are near and dear to the American heart—ingenuity, determination and rugged individualism.

Carroll Shelby's arrival on the race scene, first as a driver and then as a designer and manufacturer of high-performance vehicles for both track and street, quickly redefined what true performance meant. From the early 260s and 289s through the big-block 427s, the awe—inspiring Cobra represented all of the best attributes of the Shelby brand—raw power and rugged, elemental performance.

Shelby's association with Ford transformed the sporty Mustang into the now—legendary GT350 and GT500 racers and ensured a continuing place for the Shelby name in American car culture. Shelby's affiliation with Ford continues to this very day with a new stable of Shelby Mustangs that push the boundaries of performance and power.



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