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2015 and later Shelby GT350, Super Snake
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    2015 and later Mustang
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    Shelby Wide Body

    The Shelby Wide Body is a standalone build, as well as an option for 2005 and later CSM Shelby vehicles.

    The package is designed to maximize the performance of the Ford Mustang giving the vehicle a wider track with all the necessary suspension and braking systems to balance out the package.


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    Body Components

    • • Front fenders and vents
    • • Rear quarter panels
    • • Side rocker panels and wings
    • • 20x11 forged mono-block front wheels
    • • 20x12.5 forged mono-block rear wheels
    • • 305/30R20 front spec performance tires
    • • 345/30R20 rear spec performance tires

    Optional Components

    • • Shelby by Penske coil-over track suspension system
    • • Fully adjustable (ride height, independent compression, and rebound adjustment)
    • • Front and rear shocks & springs
    • • Front and rear adjustable sway bars
    • • Rear lower tubular control arms
    • • Shelby by Holly performance fuel pickup system

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    Wider body, wider wheels!

    The Shelby Wide Body package modifies the 2005 to current Mustang enabling the vehicles to support 11” wide wheels in the front of the vehicle, and 13” wide wheels in the rear. This means a 305 tire in front, and a massive 345 tire in the back! The additional contact patch allows the Mustang to perform better on road course and drag applications.

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    Brembo Brakes

    Shelby by Brembo brake upgrade

    Big power and a wide footprint requires big stopping power! Working with Brembo, Shelby has put together a braking system to complement the power, suspension, and other performance attributes that makes the wide body option the ultimate Shelby Mustang. The upgrade includes 6 piston front and rear calibers and huge 16” rotors.

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    Penske Suspension Option

    Shelby by Penske Suspension Option

    We dare you to find a better consumer available suspension system for the S197 platform! The Shelby by Penske coil-over suspension system is fully adjustable and delivers race day quality control and adjust-ability, making it possible to adjust ride height, independent compression, and rebound, allowing a custom setup for any track or situation.

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    More Research! More Development!

    The all-new Shelby Track Suspension System option is now available for Shelby production vehicles.

    Available now from Shelby Performance Parts.

    power and handling

    Power and Handling

    Pricing, options and availability subject to change without notice. Minimum 91 octane required in supercharged vehicles.

    Equipment may void powertrain warranty. International customers should check for import restrictions.


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